Another Year; “Just” Another Vacation Bible School . . .

Ok, it’s in the books.

We had a three day Vacation Bible Experience this week.  I served as a crew leader.

Been there, done that.

Or is there more to it than that?

When kids have the freedom and feel the safety to ask “How do you know there’s really a God?” is it “just another VBS”?

When 200 servant-leaders pour their best into our youngest, is it “just another VBS”?

When Steele Creek / Lake Wylie / Fort Mill kids learn about life in Guatemala and share school resources with them, is it “just another VBS”?

When the whole thing concludes tonight with a Community Festival including Food Trucks, Inflatables, music, and more, is it “just another VBS”?

When 128 kids said “Yes” to Jesus for the first time, is it “just another VBS”?

No it’s not.

Because it never is.