And THAT’S Why We Do What We Do

Last week, I received an email from a friend at Good Shepherd.  My friend is in recovery from alcoholism, so that is a frequent subject of our conversations together, and he knows how much joy I get from his journey to sobriety.

Here’s part of his email:

I wanted to tell you about a guy I heard speak a few weeks ago. This guy had a year sober and was saying the day he got sober he went to church which he never did, and the pastor was talking about alcoholism a lot. He said the pastor was talking about AA and the Twelve Steps a lot. He said he thought God was talking to him and he hasn’t had a drink since. I asked him what church was it and he said it was Good Shepherd. I thought that was really awesome.
So do I.
That’s why we use the language of addiction and recovery as much as we do.  
Because you never know just who is listening.