Am I A Real Texan?

My son, Riley Davis, recently posted his pre-season college basketball Top 25 rankings.

While previewing #9 Texas Tech, he dropped this analysis:

My dad is the least-Texan Texan I have ever met. He grew up in Dallas, but is not a Cowboys fan; he cares neither for brisket or for Texas chili; and he would never own a gun or cowboy boots. But he has educated me on the history of college sports in the Lone Star State. His father taught law at SMU, so he grew up a huge fan of the Mustangs and a huge hater of the big boys—the University of Texas and Texas A&M. However, he tells me he had a soft spot for Texas Tech, as they always bore the pseudo-endearing but really more demeaning “underdog” label.

What say ye?

You can read the rest of Riley’s piece here.