A Week In Tweets

As some of you know, I have a Twitter account (@talbotdavis).

So on this Monday, I thought it might be helpful to scan through some of my tweets from the previous week and what those particular 140 characters show about my state of mind at the time.  Here goes . . . a week in tweets.

Feeling a bit irreverent & even cynical as last Monday began . . .

Eph 5:19 – “speak to one another w psalms, hymns & spiritual songs & make your sure your church’s band is the most kick-ass in the city.”
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 15, 2014

. . . then fearful of losing whatever Methodist credibility I have left later in the day:

That #umc “oops, I did it again” feeling when you check @JohnMacArthur ‘s stuff for sermon prep for the 2nd time.
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 15, 2014

And a little bit combative by Monday night:

According to Ephesians 4, spiritual immaturity leads to doctrinal vulnerability.  #umc
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 15, 2014

By the time I got to Tuesday, I was feeling grateful for what the Love Song series has done . . .

I used to think marriage was about survival & commitment. Then I read Song Of Songs.  #LoveSong
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 16, 2014

 . . .  while giving a sneak preview of what the next series, Hidden Heroes, will include:

Every word of rebuke contains the seed of redemption.  #HiddenHeroes
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 16, 2014

And the obligatory “somebody got my name wrong” moment:

That “still kind of mad at my parents for the odd name thing” feeling when someone calls you “Talbert” in a public #umc space.  #NotBishop
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 16, 2014

Wednesday had the best news all week:

That elated feeling when you just bought @johnmellencamp tickets for March 27 2015 in Charlotte. #YourLifeIsNow
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 17, 2014

Thursday had a pop culture reference that, apparently, people either didn’t get or didn’t think was witty:

That @ModernFam feeling when your architect says “that’s where the Wow Factor” comes in @gsumccharlotte .
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 18, 2014

So I decided to ruffle some Methodist feathers.  It worked:

“This is my body, broken for you – as long as ordained clergy are present to make it so,” said Jesus NEVER. #umclead #dreamumc
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 18, 2014

On Friday, I shared how I got grossed out at the Y:

That “I think I’ll come back later” feeling when while entering Men’s Rm at Y you bump into guy exiting with newspaper tucked under his arm.
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 19, 2014

And responded to the upcoming Left Behind movie:

In honor of @leftbehindmovie , here is @gsumccharlotte ‘s end times chart. pic.twitter.com/lt0TNBlBDX
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 19, 2014

Saturday featured a prescient tweet regarding SMU football.  Final score:  58-6.

That “I’m dreading this” feeling when your beloved SMU Mustangs, who lost to N. Tex 43-6, are fixing to play Texas A&M on national TV.
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 20, 2014

By Sunday, I was feeling both more religious . . .

“Lord, give me a fresh anointing today that will make the message’s impact far outpace its preparation.”  #LoveSong
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 21, 2014

 . . .  and more grateful:

That “parental pride” feeling when your 25 yr old daughter tells you about serving as a youth counselor on weekend retreat @BuckheadChurch
— Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) September 21, 2014