A Week In The Life . . .

Last week (Monday, March 27 – Sunday, April 2) had an interesting “full circle” arc to it.  Here’s what I mean:

Monday — I began the week making a Monday morning visit to a young adult in the behavioral unit of an area hospital.  Towards the end of a conversation in which we discussed brain chemistry, healing, and hope, I shared Colossians 1:17:  he is before all things and in him all things hold together.

Tuesday — Met with a family to plan and prepare for a Friday funeral for a 60 year old woman who died from brain cancer.

Wednesday — Presided at a funeral for a 57 year old man who died of a sudden heart attack.

Thursday — Blessed houses with eager, younger friend who is an easy conversationalist.

Friday — Presided at the funeral for the 60 year old woman that had been planned on Tuesday.

Saturday — Was greatly relieved that a Facebook friend who named Saturday (Hello!  It was April 1st!) #TalbotDavisDay got little response.  Dodged a social media bullet.

Sunday — The surviving spouses for both funerals (Wednesday and Friday) were in worship on Sunday.  Met the young adult from Monday’s behavioral unit visit at the altar of Good Shepherd Church, praying together for a fresh start with Jesus.