A Week In Texts

Over the last week, I traveled to northern Indiana for some continuing education with a group of North Carolina Methodists and my son Riley spent his fall break with some college friends in Charleston, SC.

As a result, we communicated more than usual by text message.

Here’s an edited version of what we talked about through the week:

Me:  What’s up today?  I’m in Chicago waiting for the next plane.  No Jay Cutler sightings yet.

Riley:  Driving to Charleston for fall break with my homies.

(Late the next night) 

Riley:  What do you think is U2’s most popular song?

Me (welling with pride that he’d have such a question and think that I was worthy of answering it):  “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” follow closely by “Pride.”  You?

Riley:  We were discussing that.  I thought it was “Where The Streets Have No Name” or “One.”  [My friend] was trying to tell me it was “With Or Without You.”

Me:  “Streets” is up there for sure.

Riley:  Bono is a beast lyricist.

Me (still welling with pride):  And vocalist.

(Another time during the week, one I received during one of the teaching sessions in Indiana)

Riley:  I’m meeting today with ___________ today because he’s struggling with his faith so just pray for me that the Holy Spirit moves through me when I speak.

Me (starting to cry and having to leave the conference room & thinking, “how did I get so lucky?”):  So proud of you.  Will pray.

Me (later):  How’d that conversation go?

Riley:  It went really well.  I think I helped him some.

(Saturday evening as West Virginia is getting mauled by Kansas State)

Me:  Geno Smith ain’t gonna win the Heisman now. Who do you think is the front runner?

Riley:  Colin Klein.

Me:  What about that linebacker from Notre Dame?

Riley:  Klein first then Manti Te’o.