A Unified Mission (Guest Blog)

Hello faithful readers! My name is Thomas Hinson and I am on staff at GS as a Student Ministries Assistant. Talbot has so graciously allowed me to blog on his behalf this wonderful Wednesday.

For those of you who don’t know, and those of you who do, we are just over the half-way point for Spring Breakthrough. Breakthrough is a week-long, alternative spring break for students who want to embrace the mission of Good Shepherd.

And what is that mission?

“To invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.”

What I love about our church, Spring Breakthrough, and our youth group is that they all unify to accomplish this same goal. The mantra for our church is not restricted to the pews (or blue chairs in our case). It is for: adults, AARP card holders, pre-teens, teens, children, moms, dads, lovers, fighters, screw-ups, posers, and everyone in between. Our goal is bold, missional, and inspiring.

The teenagers of Good Shepherd aren’t just landscaping, cleaning closets, and washing vans this week. They are extending God’s love to people in a variety of ways with the same goal…showing people Jesus.

They are knee-deep (literally) in prayer for the Charlotte-area…

They are taking out the trash while listening to the story of an 88 year old woman who has kept the faith through thick and thin…

They are sharing compassion with individuals with special needs…

And why are they doing this while thousands of their facebook friends are at the beach getting a tan?

Because they understand what it was like when someone invited them into a relationship that was bigger than who they were and even, who they are now. It began when they were invited into a relationship with Whose they are.

And that, my friends, is the transformative power of inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…