A Tool For Inviting All People

Here is our faith-sharing tool for this Sunday’s culmination of Every Life Counts.

Every Life Counts

Yep.  Movie tickets.

The goal of the series has been to equip, enable, and inspire the people of Good Shepherd to share the gospel.  That’s why our teaching has centered on 1) one question to help one person take one step closer to Christ; 2) dealing with the three most common objections to faith; 3) a reminder that your best you is when you are sharing him; and 4) the live testimonies from three Good Shepherd regulars about who had invited them into living faith.

And so to conclude the series, we wanted to give the people of the church a practical, tangible, invitational tool.

And what could be better than movie tickets?  Our worship gathering this Sunday will center around the short film Lose To Gain (similar to Defining Moments that we did in January of ’14).  Given the role of film in our culture at large, we believe this artistic piece has great evangelistic power and appeal.

We also know it’s easier for people to invite their friends to a movie than to church.

So this week, there have been thousands of these tickets floating around the Steele Creek community.

And we pray those thousands of invites lead to hundreds of people entering into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.