A Surprised Architect & Immersion Baptism

Back in 2003, we were designing the Worship Center we now use. I remember telling the architect that I wanted space for a portable baptismal pool so that we could do immersion baptisms in church. (The Lake Wylie baptisms in January were never very popular.)

Anyway, the architect was stunned. He’d never heard of a Methodist church doing such a thing.

Now he has. And we made the space for the pool.

The drama of immersion baptisms in front of a worshipping community on Sunday morning is without compare.

This past Sunday, we baptized eleven students. Their boldness gave courage to all who were there.

It looked something like this:

The instructions:
The question: Do you trust in Christ as Lord and Savior? They answered yes!

Getting ready:


We use a Wiedemann Value Line Fiberglass Portable Baptistry, product # PB-SWS. It has been a good investment in eternity.

Even our architect would agree.