A Steady Diet

The phrase “a steady diet” has been on my mind the last several weeks.

That’s because so many in the Christian world are on a constant quest for a a spiritual banquet — the perfect retreat, conference, workshop, or worship service — where we can have an authentic experience with God himself.  If we can just have the moment, the rest of our life and the rest of our faith will make sense.

The problem is that it rarely happens that way.

In our quest for a delicious feast, we overlook the fact that the way of Jesus is much more of a steady diet.

A diet that includes . . .


Daily time in Scripture.

Dedicated time in prayer.

Consistent practice of generosity.

Weekly occasions of fasting.

The sometimes difficult work of bible memorization.

Commitment not only to regular worship in rows but also to regular gathering in circles — a LifeGroup that augments Sunday celebration.


None of those activities have the snap, crackle, or pop of a dinner at Ruth’s Chris.

But they have the consistent nutrition of a home cooked meal.

A steady diet.

And I’m convinced that a steady diet of spiritual habits wakes us up to the Holy Spirit’s power more than any retreat, conference, or workshop ever could.