A Series And A Church

Does a great series make a great church?

I’ve been wondering that recently.

We put a lot of work into the different Sunday series. We lay it out for titles that pop, visuals that capture, music that moves, and, hopefully, messages that connect.

Some of the ones I feel best about over the last couple of years include Oddballs, Loved, There’s An App For That, and The Fight Of Your Life. And I’m delighted with the way that the current Text Message on Sunday mornings has led to ConTXT on Sunday evening.

But does all that effort (and for the music and visuals, at least, all that skill) lead to a stronger, better, more holy congregation? Do folks know the Scriptures better and live them out accordingly? Are they better spouses, parents, children, and neighbors as a result of what happens in our Sunday gathering?

I suppose I’m really wondering this: does what happens on Sunday in our Worship Center really matter?

Some days, I answer all those questions affirmatively.

Other days, not so much.

This day, I’m sort of in the middle.

But I think as we listen ever more for the Spirit’s call, the questions are worth asking.