A Role Model In Church

Last Saturday, as many of you know, we had our First Serve ministry in which the people of Good Shepherd fan out through the city of Charlotte to take part in projects that help under-resourced neighbors.

For example, I took part in a foot washing and shoe outreach that helped our Bhutanese friends.

Anyway, all the volunteers from the different serving teams gathered at 9 a.m. at the church before being sent out to serve.

And I noticed a girls’ softball team there.

They were all wearing their red team sweatshirts, and looked to be about 10 or 11 years old. (It actually made me think back to when our daughter was in that season of life.)

So why did we have an entire girls’ softball team at First Serve?

Because one of the team members is also part of Good Shepherd. And Saturday was her 11th birthday. And for her birthday party . . . she wanted the team to take part in First Serve. So they did. No presents, no cake, no streamers. Just a collection of 11 year old girls serving people with less.

Happy Birthday.

As we say around here, people who have a living relationship with Jesus Christ serve in love.

And we’re learning that from our kids.