A Personal Prayer Team

I had dinner last night with six friends from Good Shepherd:

Seated:  Chris Myers, Jason Handschumacher, and Erica Handschumacher.

Standing:  Me, Nicole Jones, Michelle Scullock, and Mike Thompson.

Most of the group had not met one another before we gathered for dinner at a local eatery.

However, they share something in common aside from the fact that they attend Good Shepherd.

They are a personal prayer team.  For me.

Following the advice of our friends at Al Newell & Associates (creators of the High Impact Volunteer Ministry), a number of us on staff have invited different folks to serve as our Aarons & Hurs:  a team of people who will lift us up in prayer on a regular, routine basis.

So every Monday morning, I send an email to the six people in the picture.  Among other things, I ask them to pray for mental agility in sermon preparation, pastoral sensitivity in funeral ministry, and leadership savvy in guiding our church in a season of decision-making.

How did I happen to ask these particular six people?  I have no idea.  All I know is that over the last couple of months, each one came to mind with a sudden:  “you need to ask that one to be a pray-er for you.”  That is probably why they all said “yes.”

And now, after we spent an evening growing in both friendship and conversation, they can add praying for one another to their ministry of praying for their pastor.

Living relationships with Jesus Christ all around.