A Note From A Friend Who Is LISTENING During #EyeRollers

Earlier this week, I opened my email to this gem in my in box:

I gotta tell you that I was watching a show last night called “The Killer Speaks” (not sure what this says hahaha-I’ve been interested in the psychology and brains of serial killers-I probably should have been a criminal psychologist lol)  Anyway, this killer was talking about his crimes and tried to justify it with the quote from the Bible: “An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!”

 I stood up and started talking to my TV- CIE!!! CIE!!!  Don’t you know that “Context is Everything?!!”  How dare he!  It made me think of you and thought it might give you a chuckle! 

It gave much more than a chuckle.  It gave a deep satisfaction that the spade work of excavating Scripture in my study and then celebrating it from the platform is worth it because it engages hearts and minds among the people of Good Shepherd.