A New Look At An Old Sin

In the study guide “Lord, Change My Attitude,” Pastor James McDonald offers this definition of covetousness:

“Wanting something so much that you lose your satisfaction in God.”

I like that.

I like that because I live it.

Things I want so badly it causes me to lose satisfaction in God:

      To have major church growth with only minor complications;

      To be 17 again;

      To be liked;

      To have a good reputation;

      To take vacations in warm places with nice pools;

     To have a good book going at all times;

     To drive a car that’s clean inside and out;

     To find five day’s worth of blog material each week.

My best defense in battling covetousness over the last 18 months has been Paul’s compelling declaration in Colossians 3:11:  “Christ is all, and is in all.”

So he is.