A Mother’s Day Gift Birthed On Easter

This Mother’s Day gift is one of my favorite things ever.

Here’s why.  During my Easter Sunday message, I lamented how difficult it is to represent the empty tomb artistically.  The cross is much easier and as a result we have crosses that adorn our churches and decorate our jewelry.  That’s not bad, of course, but in the spirit of Romans 5 that sermon longed for the how much more of Empty Tomb Art.

I also mentioned that our graphic for the How Much More series approached what I was talking about, as it evoked the image of the stone rolling away to reveal an empty tomb.  Here it is:

Well, tuning in that day (Easter 2020 was livestream only) was a large family with adult children.  Adult children who apparently listen very well.  So in honor of both their risen Lord and and their mom, those same adult children had the Empty Tomb Necklace custom made, gave it to her on Mother’s Day, and dad snapped the photo and sent it to me.

People listen when you preach Christ and him resurrected.