A Hire I Like

This is my friend Sammy Gonzalez.
He is Good Shepherd’s new Intern Espanol.
For several years, we have had a fledgling ministry with our Spanish speaking friends and neighbors. The ministry has centered around English As A Second Language classes (ESL), simultaneous translation of the sermon during the 11:30 service (via headphones, like the UN), a small Estudio Biblico at 10 a.m., and my own halting attempts to speak Spanish.
But we’ve never had a point person on staff who could be the church’s liaison to this fast growing community.
Until now.
Sammy and family moved to Charlotte from Connecticut last fall so that he could begin studies at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. The Gonzalezes quickly plugged into the Good Shepherd family, and this spring it became obvious what we needed to do: invite Sammy to join the staff.

He said yes.

So he’s begun visiting with the Spanish speaking families who are part of the Good Shepherd family. Sometimes he takes me along so that I can practice my language skills.

He’ll help with our ESL ministry, direct our evangelism efforts at area soccer matches, and, most importantly, lead a Spanish speaking Pathfinder group starting in September.

We believe this is a good move at a good time involving a good man.