A Funeral At Serenity

I went to a funeral today. Not as the preacher, but as a pastor and family friend of the man who died, Harold Darling.

And the funeral was at the Serenity Church here in Charlotte, which is a fascinating congregation focused on recovery from all kinds of addictions.

The bulletin had something I’ve never seen before: “Harold’s Sobriety Dates are February 15, 1992 to ETERNITY.”

Then the service itself was full of people’s recollections of Mr. Darling. Most of them began their talks by saying their name followed by, “and I’m an alcoholic.” There was something so honest, so raw, and so loving in all that was shared. I was glad to have been part of it.

Because I love people who are honest enough to be open about their failures . . . and then grateful enough to give God credit for their healing.

No, I didn’t post on the election results. What can I add to all that’s been said? Probably not much; most of the analysis on TV has been both poignant and hopeful. Besides, I gave you classic bumper stickers yesterday.

I will tell you one other election result. My brother, Clayton Davis, won his race for District Judge in Louisiana. My dad, an attorney and law professor himself, would be really, really proud. So are we all.