A Different Background Music

I was planning on posting on the subject you’ll read below when an email came in that served as confirmation of the topic.

Here’s a portion of that email, the subject of which was a different sort of feeling in the recent worship gatherings at Good Shepherd:

I can tell that more room is being given to the Holy Spirit during worship. The whole atmosphere seems to be changing.

I think the change in atmosphere has to do with a change in background music.

Let me explain.

For awhile, the background music in our sermon preparation and worship design consisted of questions like, “How can we be creative?” . . . “How will this interest people?” . . . “How can we give them something they don’t expect?”

These days, the background music is much simpler: “God has been really good to me and I just want to tell you about it.”

Wow. What a refreshing difference. God has been so good to me and to us.

Saving what was lost.

Healing what was infected.

Protecting what was vulnerable.

Filling what was empty.

And now watering what is more and more fertile.

He’s so good.

It’s so much nicer to live the miracles you proclaim.

That’s the song in our background.

And we just want to tell you about it.