A Dangerous Spirituality

There’s a dangerous spirituality out there.

I see it on both the right and the left.

I see it in myself.

It is a spirituality that serves as a mask for anger.

That’s right. Some people use their spirituality as a thin veneer that barely hides their bubbling anger.

It’s why some people cloak anti-homosexual feelings in religious language.

It’s why others lash out against friends or family who won’t get saved.

It’s why we label claim politicians we don’t like must not share our religious values. (You’d be shocked at the one who is the object of my anger in this regard.)

It’s why preachers question the motives of other preachers who lead ministries of greater size and impact than they.

It’s why we fall out with other people in our same church, usually with loud complaints about their hypocrisy.

No complaints of our own, of course.

Spirituality as a veneer for anger.

It’s prevalent and it’s dangerous.

Is it in you?