A Critical Mistake

Many churches make a critical mistake in ministry when they confuse activity for effectiveness.

In this line of thinking, the busier a church is, the more it is doing for God. So the goal becomes to fill up the calendar and clutter up the bulletin with as many events, projects, and emphases as you can. Because surely all that stuff will lead to more impact.

Actually, it just leads to exhaustion. As I speak with church leaders and read church material, it becomes more and more clear to me that there is an inverse relationship between activity and effectiveness.

So in church land in the 21st Century, the more you do, the less effective you are.

I know it’s true because I’ve lived this truth.

So as we become more diligent at Good Shepherd, we make every effort to become less busy yet have greater impact. It’s why we pour so much energy into First Serve and Pathfinder. Those ministries are how we approach servanthood and group life. Not ten ministries for each area. One. For each.

If we get it right, it’s less activity and more effectiveness.