A Changing Creed

Maybe it was the recent Romans class I led, with its close examination of chapters 9-11.

Perhaps it was the growing influence of John Piper on evangelicalism.

It could be a nostalgic reconnection with the first church I ever attended as a new follower of Jesus, some thirty years ago now.

Or even the Time-magazine-inspired realization of what robust theology is winning the hearts and minds of young people around the country.

But probably it is my growing understanding of the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men.

In any event, I believe that I’m being moved to embrace a Calvinist understanding of Christian theology, biblical anthropology, and cosmic soteriology.

In other words, I’m coming to believe that people really are totally depraved, that we receive unconditional election either to salvation or damnation, that Jesus offers a limited atonement for the elect, that his grace is irresistible, and that I will be one of those who will enjoy the perseverance of the saints.

I’ll probably need to some theological re-training so I can de-program my mind from its Asbury Seminary indoctrination. It may require some trips to Philadelphia or simply a good school right here in Charlotte.

I’m not sure what this will mean for my future in the United Methodist Church — or if I even have one.

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Talbot Davis. Calvinist.

April Fools.