A Calvinism Conundrum

Here’s a question I recently thought of regarding conversion, Calvinism, and predestination.

It’s based partly on my early faith experience as a 17-year-old and then partly out of an Ephesians-based bible study.

Here it is:

Do Calvinist Christians (great people, great in number) present the Gospel to the unconverted, treating that person as if he or she has free will, and only AFTER the person embraces faith, then tell the new convert, “oh, you just said ‘yes’ because you were chosen to do so.  You really didn’t have free will in the matter.”???

I well remember, for example, hearing early in my Christian journey that the decision I thought I had made to follow Jesus had in fact been made for me, and made an eternity ago.

Do Calvinist Christians ever present the principles of Calvinism to the unconverted?

Or is it only a fuller, post-conversion, revelation?

Wesleyan minds — at least one, anyway — want to know.