A Book I Should Write

Pastors write books all the time.

Usually, these books are on the order of “how I did it and how you can do it too.” They tell stories of phenomenal growth and influence and give readers a model they can implement for the same results in their churches.

These books have titles like Leading Beyond The Walls, It, Seven Practices Of Effective Ministry, and, of course, The Purpose Driven Church.

I have received help from reading just such books.

But I think the best book I could write would be about all the ways I’ve gotten it wrong and all the mistakes I’ve made. Instead of “here’s how I did it,” I think I could fill some pages with “avoid these mistakes at all costs.”

I’ve even thought of some chapter titles.

  • Losing Sleep Over Things That Really Don’t Matter
  • Judging Your Self-Worth Based On Sunday Attendance
  • Avoiding Necessary Conflict Through Skillful Passive-Aggression
  • Neglect Your Own Prayer Life!
  • Always Compare Yourself With Other Preachers
  • Saying “Yes” When “No” Would Be Wiser
  • Let Emotions Color Decisions
  • How To Confuse Being Liked With Being Controlled
  • Be Anxious For Everything

I could go on.

What would your “book of mistakes” look like?

More to the point, would that book be full of mistakes you’ve made repeatedly? Or have you by God’s grace been empowered to break unhealthy cycles in ministry and leadership?

Because that subject would be a good second book.