5, 7, and 9

So this is Christmas.

At 5:00 this evening we’ll have a high-octane Family Celebration with music, drama, and word coming from our G-Force Children’s Team. Having seen the rehearsal, you can expect to be blown away.

Then at both 7:00 and 9:00 we’ll host Candlelight Praise and Worship. The focus of our conversation will continue to be Luke 4:19 — “He has sent me . . . to set the oppressed free.”

Since that’s what Jesus does, that’s what we’ll do: set oppressed people free.

So the Christmas Eve service will culminate with an offering (Yes! An offering on Christmas Eve!) in support of our partners at the International Justice Mission, a world-wide organization dedicated to freeing victims of the modern day slave trade.

Based on how this church has already responded, I can’t wait to see what will happen on this Holy Night.