2,000 Car Deodorizers

On Easter Sunday, we gave away about 2,000 Without Limit 2.0 Car Deodorizers.
Why in the world would we do such a bizarre thing?
Well, so people would come back.
And so they would use the novelty to invite their friends to come.
But primarily so that each time people would get in their car and smell their car, they’d remember the Holy Spirit.
To paraphrase Jesus in John 3:8, you don’t know where the Spirit comes from or where he is going, but you sure can sense his impact. You don’t know how he works; you just know that he works.
Just like that thing hanging on your rear view mirror making your car smell good.
Well, if not just like that, a least a little like it. The analogy works. Sort of.
So will the series. Come this Sunday for Week 2: Tables. (To prepare, read Acts 6:1-7).
8:30. 10:00. 11:30.