10 Reasons Why I Love Pathinder

Pathfinder is just about my favorite ministry at Good Shepherd. I love it because . . .

1) It helps a big church feel small.
2) It is a low-pressure way into group life.
3) Our guides have good personalities.
4) It is not bible study, but it is spiritual conversation.
5) We’re trying a new twist with our next launch — the groups will meet at the church, on Mondays, for five weeks, with child care already provided.
6) We don’t force friendship on people through Pathfinder . . . which is why deep friendships form.
7) If people miss a meeting or drop out of a group, we don’t make them feel guilty.
8) It is simple — easy access, easy exit, easy organization.
9) We stopped trying to be a “church of small groups.” We recognized we are a “church of relationships.”
10) I get to be a guide. Maybe that means I have a good personality.

Sign up for the January 25 launch event here.