Why Ministry Is Worth It

Every Sunday, Good Shepherd includes space for “Prayer requests and answered prayers” on the back of its Connection Card.

This Sunday we received one of the best ever:

What an amazing praise I have to report.  I attended the Healing Service on Monday and was prayed for and I am so happy to report I have had the best week.  My pain has been manageable this past week, which has not happened to me in over two months.  I felt an overwhelming emotion that evening.  Thank you for all the prayers.

You know what I like best about that one?  The young woman writing the prayer did not get prayed for at my healing station; she received pray from two other members of our healing team.

Because as we say each time we gather, “We don’t have celebrity pray-ers at Good Shepherd.  The Holy Spirit is the only celebrity we need.”

And that’s yet another reason why ministry is worth it.