Why I Could Never Wear A Promise Keepers Shirt

Now back in the 1990s, I loved Promise Keepers.

The stadium worship was authentically full color, the challenge to men was urgently necessary, and the response in our Mt. Carmel congregation was immediate and heartfelt. 

In our little church and around the world, Promise Keepers helped men become better followers of Jesus, better husbands, better dads, and better men.  I saw it first-hand.

But I never could wear the T-shirt.

Why?  Because of the tagline:  Men Of Integrity.

What if I got caught doing something lacking in integrity while wearing it?  Even something seemingly innocuous? 

Maybe more to the point . . . why should I wear something proclaiming my own integrity?  Isn’t it better for other people to give you that label than to claim it yourself.

I guess the bottome line is this:  the louder you say it, the less I believe it.