What Would It Look Like If I . . .

What would it look like if I woke up every day more concerned about proclaiming God’s glory than expanding my own platform?

I’d view other clergy as collaborators rather than competitors.

I’d be less satisfied that people come to hear me preach and more motivated to turn those same listeners into ministers.

I’d rejoice in the effectiveness of other churches rather than fuming, “why not us?”

I’d speak truth that is loving, painful, and liberating regardless of how it made people think about me.

I’d have more friends who have nothing to do with Jesus or his church.

I’d never try to change someone’s mind via a Twitter exchange.

I’d ground my self-image not in my performance for Christ but my position in Christ.

I’d celebrate the fact that I’m so messed up it took the cross to fix me and yet so loved that the cross is exactly what I got.

I’d smile more and fret less.

Maybe it would look like what I’m gonna try today.