What “One With Them” Was All About . . .

I am so glad we did what we did yesterday.

Instead of a more typical “music-video-solo-sermon” format to reinforce the Not A Fan series, we turned everything upside down on behalf of the persecuted church.

We had a multi-movement, multi-sensory, and multi-cultural experience which opened minds, raised blood pressure, encouraged tears, and then enabled engagement on behalf of the 200 million Christians worldwide who are persecuted because they claim Christ as Lord.

Much like Fatima:

All that to underscore the day’s primary truth:

Others are dying for the sake of the same Savior we take for granted.

We closed our worship time by writing encouragement notes to Indian pastors from Orissa State, the epicenter of persecution in the subcontinent.

I wish I could be there when our pastoral friends open up their mail and have as many as 300 notes from Americans they’ve never met but to whom they are related by blood.


One with them indeed.