What I Wish I’d Hear . . .

Every once in awhile, I’ll have a conversation with someone who is either new to Good Shepherd or just checking it out.

And usually the conversation includes the person or family saying something like, “we’re looking for a church that’s a good fit.  We just want a place where it feels comfortable.” 

For many years, that reasoning made good sense.  In fact, it still does.

But wouldn’t it be great if just one time I or some other pastor would hear someone say, “we’re just looking for a church that’s uncomfortable.  We really want Jesus to stretch us through our home church“?

That person would be so open to adventures in worship and risks in ministry!  While in the Worship Center, they would love to sit next to someone of a different race, ethnic background, or nationality.  And they’d love it even more to work alongside such ethnic diversity at our Room In The Inn or Salvation Army Center of Hope ministry.

Whether you are investigating Good Shepherd Church or even if you’ve been here a long time, how about asking that question, “Is this church making me uncomfortable enough?”