What Happens At Good Shepherd Summer Camp DOESN’T Stay At Good Shepherd Summer Camp

I came across this story recently from a Good Shepherd mom regarding her eight year old daughter named Addy who is a student in our Summer Camp.

An amazing bedtime conversation with my 8 year old:

A: Mom, do you know that today is my spiritual birthday? Well, it was at 11:40 and I figured she was stalling for time.

Me: Tell me more about this.

A: Well, today Miss Darlene and I prayed together because I decided that I wanted to accept Jesus as my savior forever. I asked God to live in my heart and told him that I trust in him. I believe Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. I believe in all of that and I admitted that in front of everyone today. It just happened when we were talking about the fruits of the spirit. Not everyone wanted to do it, but I did. It just happened right there in the hallway.

Me: I’m so proud of you for good grades, accomplishments in sports, for being a good friend, and so many other things, but none of that matters as much as your living relationship with Jesus Christ. What a great choice you made today.

 She’s always had such a strong heart for Jesus and it continues to mature. Thank you, everybody at GSUMC. You truly invite ALL people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Happy spiritual birthday, Addy! ❤️