What A Photo And Its Caption Taught Me About Leadership

Some of you know that I have an uneasy relationship with leadership.

In some ways I think I lead well.  In a lot of others, I know I don’t.

Nevertheless, in this ongoing life tutorial about leadership, I learned a valuable lesson last week.  And that lesson stemmed from this photo that Devin Tharp took of his kids raising their bibles during last week’s livestreamed service at Good Shepherd.


In his original posting, Devin added a caption:  A moment of oddity that shapes our identity as a community.

And that’s when I realized yet again: a major part of leadership is saying a few things over and over and over.  Leaders realize that when they get tired of saying it, those who hear them are just then “getting it.”  Leaders need to make sure that the few things they say A LOT are theologically accurate and rhetorically memorable and that they help shape the direction of the organization they lead.

And once leaders find those direction shaping phrases, say them.  And again.  And again.  Until they appear in random captions on social media postings.