“Wait For It” Launches — “Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop”

The name of our Christmas series has worked just like I wanted it to.

I tell folks that the name is … Wait For It … and then they wait.  As if the title is coming.

And then, of course, I say, “No, that’s it.  Wait For It!”

Advent is a season of patience, longing, and delayed gratification.  This year, we’re zeroing in on some Old Testament prophets who, on behalf of their people, waited hundreds of years for the Messiah they longed for to show up.

This week we start with Micah and it’s called Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop.  Here’s where the series is headed:

December 2:     Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

December 9:    The Waiting Game

December 16:   Wait It Out

December 23:  Worth The Wait

December 24:   The Wait Is Over

December 30:   The Waiting Is The Hardest Part