Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or Seven) Ways You Know Ministry Is Worth It

Sure, a lot of folks will tell you that the hours are long, the pushback is heavy, and the frustration is high.

But how often do you hear that ministry is worth it?  That it is more than worth it?  I’ve had a few glimpses just in the last several weeks.  Five, in fact:


1.When a man stops you on Sunday after church and says, “it’s because of this church that I’ve been sober 90 days.  If it wasn’t for what you all do, I’d never be here” then ministry is worth it.

2. When prayer and music work together in a way you do not expect and could not anticipate and yet puts a lump in your throat, then ministry is worth it.

3. When you realize that you’ve got preacher friends all over the country who pray for you and encourage you to pray for them, then ministry is worth it.

4. When, in the middle of today’s divided and commercialized culture, a family is stunned that your church doesn’t charge a fee for funerals, then ministry is worth it.

5. When staff members stage an impromptu healing service for a colleague with a decades-long back problem, and his back gets healed, then ministry is worthy it.

6. When a group of teenagers has the courage to stand on a platform and declare that Jesus is both Lord and Savior and church is home, then ministry is worth it.

7. When you watch this happen, then ministry is worth it: