Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Airpods Have Altered My Life In Just Four WeeksL

Last month, Julie got me a pair of Airpods for my 58th birthday.

I was initially a bit skeptical. I like my music in tactile, tangible forms, and I’ve never been much of one for any kind of audio headgear. I had a Sony Walkman for about two days back in 1985 and then quickly tired of how isolating the device became.

Yet in the case of the airpods I could not have been more wrong. Here are five ways these tiny high tech marvels have changed my life in only four weeks.

One: A millennial vocabulary lesson. During a text to my children (ages 30 & 27) and their spouses, I referred to my new toys as “AirBuds.” Our daughter Taylor quickly texted back, “AirBud was a golden retriever in a movie from the 1990s, Daddy. What you have in your ears are Airpods.”

Two: Wireless living. Who knew a life free of wires could be so liberating? Not I. Until now.

Three:  Dawes’ harmonies.  Songs that sound good in my car sound great in my ears. This is especially true of the first six songs on Dawes’ Favorite Bands album — from “Things Happen” through “To Be Completely Honest” — most of which feature lush vocal harmonies of rare beauty.

Four: Apple Music. Oh my goodness. I had no idea. Just a couple of clicks and all of a sudden I have “The Boys Of Summer,” “Gimme Shelter,” “Free Fallin,” and more on my phone. I know I’m about 10 years behind the times, but it’s still a marvel.

Five: But I’m NOT Using Them At The Y. A lot of my friends from the fitness center wouldn’t DREAM of working out sans music in their ears. No matter how much I enjoy these Airbuds — er, AirPODS — I don’t want to wear them at the Y. Though my introversion slightly outweighs my extroversion in most situations, the Y is different, as the social component of working out is a vital part of the overall benefit. Plus, I never know just who might be a good person to invite to Good Shepherd, something I can’t do if I am in my own, Airpoddy, music world.