Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things To Know About SimplifyTheMessage.Com

Last Tuesday, the book Simplify The Message; Multiply The Impact officially “dropped.”

Then this Tuesday — otherwise known as today — the website goes “live.”

For the last several years, that space had been  But with the release of the new book, some friends and I decided the website could use a refresh, an update, and a new name.

Here are five features about the new site:

One.  For the forseeable future, people who wander to will be directed to the new domain name.  While there, they’ll be greeted by some “live action” footage — of preaching, not tennis though if you want the latter I can arrange that — as well as quotes from the new book.

Two.  As you can tell from reading this, the most fluid and interactive piece about the site is the daily blog.

Three.  There is a very helpful Resources tab, complete with links to videos and podcasts.  In fact, the first podcast in which I interview my friend Luke Mitchell is now up and running.

FourThere is another very helpful page, this one involving Events.  You can read about Simplify The Message workshops as well as send a request to schedule one of your own.

Five.  Books?  We have put quick links to enable you to purchase all six.