Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things To Know About Our Next Beautiful Marriage Date Night on Nov. 22

As many of you know, we’ve launched The Beautiful Marriage Movement, a seven year endeavor to touch 10,000 couples in our community withe life-giving resources and experiences designed to strengthen marriages by preventing crises rather than managing them.

We believe that if we can touch 10,000 couples, including those already married and those considering it, we might be able to reach our second goal of cutting the number of divorce filings in southern Mecklenburg and Northern York counties in half by 2026.

Because a pretty wedding lasts a day. But a beautiful marriage takes a lifetime.

And one of key strategies in this movement is a series of Date Nights.  The first such night took place during the recent “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage series, as couples left Sunday church armed with a “take out” box full of conversation prompts and suggested activities for a date night.

This one, on Friday November 22, is different.

Here are five things to know.

Child care that night courtesy of the Good Shepherd staff.  Yes, we believe in the movement.  We believe in the movement so much we giving child care that night to the people of the church for children birth through 5th grade.

Child care is not baby-sitting; we’re gonna do a night-time of programming. We have planned for hundreds of kids in the age range, and we do not plan on mere baby sitting. Our team has designed a night that will help grow children in their living relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want YOU to invite your friends who don’t have a church to take advantage of our offer. We care about all marriages in our area — whether or not people come to Good Shepherd. We know the community will be better if marriages are healthier. So use the links to invite your friends to register for the children’s programming on that night.

When couples bring their children to our Moss Campus, they’ll be given a Date Night guide, produced by our team, that features conversation prompts and “serious fun” activities. Of course, couples who don’t have children or who are empty-nesters will received the same, downloadable guide.

Space is filling up quickly, so sign up here.