Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things That Give Me A LITTLE MORE COMFORT Than They Should

Some years ago, I turned a “Top Five Tuesday space into a confessional of sorts — I came clean on five of the ways I’m more than a little anal-retentive.

In that same vein, I’ve noticed that as I get older, there are certain things in life that bring me little more comfort than they should.

Things that, when they happen, allow me to exhale with an “Ahhhh. Everything in life is now decent and in order.” 

So here they are: top five things on which I am a bit too dependent for comfort:

5.  An empty dishwasherMy anxiety over dishes starts even before the meal is over.  And then every time the dishes are done and, more to the point, the dishwasher completes its cycle and all is put back in its place, I feel like life can begin again. 

4.  Full gas tankSee above.  In reverse.

3.  When I can transform my email inbox from this to this.  The thought of a stack of unread emails in bold lettering in my inbox fills me with dread.  The accomplishment of NONE fills me with joy.

2.  When I finish writing a sermon.  Today, I hope to complete prep for July 14. Once I do that, I can be nice to everyone here for the rest of the week.

1.  When I hit “Publish” on Top Five Tuesday.