Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Storm Songs

In the wake of last weekend’s encounter with Hurricane Florence, there is one subject that seems especially appropriate:  Top Five Storm Related songs.

Here they are:


5. Who’ll Stop The Rain, by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  At times this past weekend, it seemed like no one would.

4. Ridin’ The Storm Out, by REO Speedwagon.  Only an epic storm like Florence could get REO on a Top Five list of mine … unless it was Top Five Bands I Almost Never Listen To.  I have to admit that this one is catchy, though.

3. Hurricane, by Bob Dylan.  Less a storm than a nickname in one of the few songs that ultimately became a movie.

2. Flood, by Jars Of Clay.  Contemporary Christian, meet Crossover Success in a breakout tune that is both relentless and mesmerizing.

1.Jumpin’ Jack Flash, by the Rolling Stones.  I don’t know if Florence was a Crossfire Hurricane or not, but this track comes straight out of the Stones’  ’69-’72 sweet spot.