Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs That STILL Sound Good

These aren’t my favorite songs ever.

These are simply those songs that, whenever they come on the radio, I keep them on.  Some combination of melody, rhythm, and vibe makes these sound as good as the day I first heard them.  Here they are.

5. Never Been Any Reason, by Head East.  An mid 70s one hit wonder with some staying power.

4. Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.  Its first cousin “For All The Wrong Reasons” (which some in the Heartbreakers called ‘Re-Fallin’) isn’t so bad either.

3. Man On The Moon by REM.  REM rarely makes any of my “favorite” lists, but this jewel is an enduring exception.

2. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.  This came on while blessing houses a few weeks ago, and my BTH partner and I almost delayed our stop at the next home to listen to nine minutes of power and mystery.  That near abdication of divine duty inspired this post.  I dare you not to like it.

1.The Boys Of Summerby Don Henley.  OK, not all the songs on this list are my all-time favorites.  But this one is.