Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs Named After Days Of The Week

It’s Top Five Tuesday, after all.  One of those weekly rituals that make me realize I tend to do the same thing on the same day of every week.

How does music speak into the role of particular days of the week?

By naming songs after them!

Here are my five favorite:

5.  Saturday Night, the Eagles.  A staple from their Eagles Live disc.

4.  I Don’t Like Mondays, the Boomtown Rats.  A melancholy look at the non-sensical reasons people give for mass murder.  Before LiveAid, this was Bob Geldof’s claim to fame.

3.  Easy Like Sunday Morning, the Commodores.  It’s not the way I spend my Sunday mornings, but still a very nice song.

2.  Tuesday Afternoon, the Moody Blues.  As a kid, I really liked the Moody Blues.  I saw them as the forerunner of Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, and every other art rock band.  Thing is, I still like them, almost against my better judgment.

1.  Ruby Tuesday, the Rolling Stones.  It’s named after a girl who is herself named after a day, but it’s my list, after all.