Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs I Shouldn’t Like . . . But I Do

Every once in awhile, you come across a song that’s a guilty pleasure.

You secretly love it but you know that if word got out, there would be no end to the ridicule.

Well, the word’s getting out today.  Make fun of me if you must, but please respect my honesty.

Here they are:  five songs I shouldn’t like . . . but I do.

5.  Seasons In The Sun, by Terry Jacks.  Can you even say the name of the song with a straight face?  Probably not.  But hearing it takes me back to sixth grade, going “steady” with a girl named Ellen, and thinking I had it all figured out.  Where have you gone, Terry Jacks?

4.  I Got A Feelin’, by The Black Eyed Peas.  I hate dancing.  And this song makes me want to dance.

3.  Hey, Hey, My, My (Into The Black), by Neil Young.  Neil Young is so tedious.  His politics are predictable and his voice is regrettable.  And I think I’d rather fade away than burn out.  But I can’t turn this song off when it comes on.

2.  Music Box Dancer, by Frank Mills.  What’s an instrumental song doing anywhere on a list of favorite songs, guilty pleasure or not?  Especially an instrumental with nary a hint of guitar on it?  Well, this one is so . . . soothing.  Plus, it takes me back to when I was 17, had a gigantic crush on a girl named Jennifer who I prayed would like me back, and was sure this song would be “ours.”  Unfortunately, she never returned the favor or the affection and so now as then the song is all “mine.”

1.  Hey Ya, by Outkast.  I like a song featuring a guy named Andre 3000?  Absolutely.  I bet you do, too.