Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Signs You Know You’re Jet Lagged

India time is 9 1/2 hours ahead of Charlotte time.

In other words, just when you get used to the clock over there, it’s time to return home. And the return trip is pretty brutal — 40 hours of flying, waiting, and praying.

So what are some signs that you know jet lag is real?

Here goes:

1. The middle leg of the trip home — from Delhi, India to Paris, France was an eight hour flight in almost-complete darkness. James-Michael, Chris, and I were so out of our element upon landing that each of us left treasures behind: JM left a Kindle and an iPod, and both Chris and I left books. Only the Kindle was recovered. The sad thing about the book I left: the early pages were so good that I barely read any of it, hoping to save it for the Paris-to-Atlanta leg. Good thing Books-A-Million at Rivergate still carries it.

2. The Saturday after our Friday night return, I presided at a wedding service in the afternoon. I had it timed just right — get a bunch of sleep (check), perform the wedding (check), and still have time for a brief Saturday workout before the Y closed at 6 (check). So I put my workout clothes in the trunk of the car, and zipped to the Y after the wedding. Upon taking my clothes to the locker room, however, I realized my still-sleeping mind had forgotten something critical for a workout: my shoes. So my choices were a) work out in loafers; b) work out in socks; or c) not work out at all but go home and crash. I chose “b” much to the curiosity of the few souls (pun intended) still at the Y at 5 p.m. on a Saturday.

3. As I posted yesterday, Chris Macedo gave the message on Sunday even though I was on the premises. Usually, when I’m there and someone else is preaching, I am itching to be up on the platform. Not Sunday. Let him go while cobwebs rule in my brain!

4. You lose count of how many people ask, “how was your trip?” because your brain doesn’t count above ten anymore.

5. Sudden onset narcolepsy.