Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Rock Acts Who’ll Never Appear On A Top Five Tuesday

In the eight years I’ve had this blog, I have often devoted my Top Five Tuesday space to countdowns of favorite rock acts.

Top Five Led Zeppelin songs?  Here.

Top Five Steely Dan songs?  Here.

Top Five Rolling Stones songs?  Here.

Top Five songs I’ve heard the most in my life, ever?  Here.

Top Five Songs You’ve Never Heard Of From Artists You Have?  Here.

You get the picture.

But what are some rock acts that, due to factors ranging from distaste to disdain, you will never see featured on a Top Five Tuesday?  (Except for today, that is.)  Here goes:

5.  Foreigner“I’m hot-blooded, check it and see; I’ve got a fever of a hundred and three.”  When that’s one of your signature lyrics, I’m somehow wishing the fever would go higher.

4.  REO Speedwagon.  It IS in fact time for you to fly.  Right off my radio dial.

3. The Allman Brothers.  Oh, I know I’m gonna get some hate for this, especially here in the south, even if we are the New South.  But I just can’t hang with long songs, whipping posts, or marrying Cher.

2. Journey.  When I’m alone, all by myself, and you’re off with someone else . . . well, I’m still hating Journey.

1. Phil Collins / Genesis or any combination thereof.  No jacket required & no explanation needed.