Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Phobias

There are some things about which I have irrational fears.

These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night or give that sinking feeling in my stomach if I’m already awake.

So here they are:

5. That I’ll drive up one Sunday and NO ONE will be at church. Of course.

4. Heights. When I was a kid, I went to the top of the Empire State Building . . . and loved it. Now if I’m in uptown Charlotte and I walk underneath a skyscraper and look up, I almost lose my lunch. Or breakfast.

3. Something in my eye. It’s why I’ve never had Lasik surgery — the thought of some sharp object near my eye is too much to bear, even under an anaesthesia.

2. Rats. One good thing about owning a cat. The only rodents we see at our house these days are already half-eaten.

1. Dogs. A life-long fear. I was blessing houses with a Good Shepherd friend when a dog came rushing at us. What did I do? Got behind my friend as fast as I could so the dog would eat him first. Fortunately, the dog in this case really was more bark than bite.