Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or More) GOAT Songs From Artists I Forgot Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday’s “Top Five” became more like a Top Twenty-Six, as I listed my person GOAT songs for a whole host of music artists.

But then, of course,  I realized I forgot to include quite a few bands and quite a few songs.  Even from some artists and tunes I like A LOT.

So, here goes: more personal GOAT songs and the people who done sung them.

The Call:  “I Still Believe”

Bob Dylan:  “Neighborhood Bully”

Ted Nugent:  “Stranglehold”

Kings Of Leon:  “Use Somebody”

Jars Of Clay:  “Love Song For A Savior”

Lynryd Skynryd:  “Gimme Three Steps”

Prince:  “When Doves Cry”

DC Talk:  “Colored People”

Foreigner:  “Hot Blooded”  (that song is so bad it’s good)

Rush:  “La Villa Strangiado”  (yes, I chose an instrumental for Rush and no, it’s not by accident)

Kiss:  “Beth”

Yes:  “Roundabout”

Nirvana:  “Heart Shaped Box”

Crosby, Still, Nash & Young:  “Wooden Ships”

Neil Young:  “Heart Of Gold”

Aerosmith:  “Sick As A Dog”

The Band:  “The Weight”

Doobie Brothers:  “Rockin’ Down The Highway” (No, not the Jesus song they have)

Robbie Robertson:  “Broken Arrow”

Bob Seger:  “Night Moves”

John Hiatt:  “Perfectly Good Guitar”