Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Moments & Memories That Always Bring A Tear To My Eye

I’m not usually very “weepy” until I am.

So below are five moments/memories/music pieces that almost always get me.  Now: no family stuff here … y’all have seen me tear up while preaching about various people in my family of origin and then again in my little nuclear family now.

Nope, this is all pop culture, political world, and sports stuff here, folks.

One.  When this president said these words to this man at this place.  And best of all, it happened.


Two. Whenever we sing this song at Good Shepherd.  The Gospel truth IS old, praise Jesus, and it will neither kneel nor faint.

Three.  When I see this replay of the fifth set of this match that always ends the right way.  So much at stake here and all the questions answered with such brilliance.

Four.  The final scene of Hope Floats.  Not even going to put the link here … it’s just too much.

Five.  The announcement that Arthur Ashe died of AIDS in 1993.  Everyone of a certain age in tennis knows where they were when Ashe beat Jimmy Connors to win Wimbledon in 1975 (I was in Waco Texas!) and everyone knows where they were when they heard that he had died.  Here’s the happier, the “he’s done it, he’s really done it” moment: