Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Modern Easter Songs

Well, it’s coming up, right?

So we ought to get it right.

Easter music isn’t as nostalgic as Christmas. But it’s much more anthemic.

Here are five that serve as this generation’s “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today”:


5.  Alive, by Hillsong.  Easter goes disco!


4.  Death Was Arrested.  Such a gift to the church from Northpoint Church in suburban Atlanta.  We almost debuted this one this year, except for #1 (see below).


3.  In Christ Alone.  The best of all worlds.  It’s a hymn.  It’s a chorus.  It’s intimate.  It’s anthemic.  And best of all, it’s “in Christ alone,” not “in Christ among.


2.  Christ Is Risen From The Dead.  Trampling over death by death!  I know Chris Macedo didn’t write it, but I sure associate it with his leadership.


1.  Resurrecting.  If you were at Good Shepherd this past Sunday, you heard this gift to us courtesy of Elevation Worship.  So many incredible lines, but the one that moves me to tears is this:  “the grave was borrowed for three days.”